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I've demoed plugingit and it seems great, it's worth noting that its marketplace page states it's only free for a limited time.

Also, a little concerning that their support link is a 404. Never a good sign.

If you’re sitting there playing with CSS properties trying to get your embedded YouTube iframe to keep an aspect-ratio and you scale down the browser size and find yourself unable to get the desired result — this article is probably for you.

Let’s get right into it then.

The Padding-Top Method

As hacky as this solution may seem, it appears to be most popular and cross-browser-friendly way to force an aspect ratio on an iframe.

It’s helpful to understand how it works as you might have to tweak it to fit into your layout.

Essentially, we use the padding-top property because we can…

If you’re a first-time-caller-long-time-listener to my Medium articles you’ll know that my last article “Do I really need a bundler?” was about bundlers and task runners .

In that article, I described how you can compile SCSS (a different syntax from actual SASS but sometimes used interchangeably with SASS) from the command line (you might only know this as the Terminal on MacOS or the Command Prompt on Windows).

In this article I’m going to demonstrate how you can quickly install and configure the Sass command line utility to compile your SASS files. Official documentation found here.

Method 1: Install Globally Using NPM

It should come…

To bundle or not to bundle?

For some reason I never really asked myself this question and just forged into the world of task runners like Gulp and Grunt — and bundlers like Rollup, Webpack, Parcel as I got going in web dev.

The abilities and advantages that these tools brought to the table were irresistible, and learning them also brought the benefit of fixing build system errors of projects that I forked or inherited.

How many out there have found themselves with the sudden challenge of managing Webpack config files after “ejecting” from a React application and realized that they were somewhat in over their…

Alpine.js Logo

First day at a new position.

They’re always a doozie, but I think given that fact, it went considerably well.


Nine hours of work in the can and what would a sane and rational person do once that quittin’-time-horn sounded?

That’s right. He would scarf down some food and get on CodePen to goof around with Alpine.js.

Nailed it!

Well done. Now pat yourself on the back and let’s make a little stepper thing using this new directive-driven “just sprinkle a lil’ of this on your HTML” — micro-yet-modeled-after-Vue framework.


Doing something quick and dirty for a demo we’re…

CMB2 checkbox field object

…Was tearing through a bunch of meta fields using CMB2 and noticed some unexpected behavior when I went to set a checkbox’s default value to true.

When I refreshed the admin — sure enough — the checkbox was checked.

Everything good right?

Well, had I saved it with a true value and went on my way then yes.

But as I usually do, I went looking for trouble.

The Problem


  1. Cleared the corresponding database row for that field.
  2. Reloaded the WP admin.
  3. Unchecked the checkbox.
  4. And saved my changes.

Oh looky here.

To your shock and horror.

The admin reloads but…

I wouldn’t say I go looking for lifehacks, but I don’t shy away from them either.

Case in point — I purchased a 24" smart TV and upon setting it up discovered that it had some pretty lousy sound.

My layman description of the sound would be something like, “It sounds like they pointed the speakers in the TV the wrong direction and then proceeded to muffle the sound with some plastic covering.”

To add insult to injury, I overpaid for this little guy.

After crying myself to sleep — waking and eating some ice cream — crying myself back…

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