Compile SASS/SCSS From The Command Line

Method 1: Install Globally Using NPM

npm install -g sass

Method: 2: Install To Your Project Directory

npm install sass
alias “sass=node_modules/.bin/sass”

Method 3: Install Sass With Your Favorite Package Manager

Method 4: Install Standalone Executable

Running SASS

div {
p {
color: blue;
sass main.scss bundle.css
div p {
color: blue;
/*# */

Configuring The SASS Command

λ sass — version
1.32.8 compiled with dart2js 2.10.5
sass --watch main.scss bundle.css
SASS Command Watching For Changes
sass --watch scss/components:assets/css/components
sass --watch --no-source-map scss/components:assets/css/components

Wrap Up

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